Creativity, just like energy, is limited and varies from person to person.

There are so many factors going into how much creativity you have in a day, and sometimes you might not have any at all! It can be scary, especially when you need to produce a piece of work by a certain deadline.

There is one way to help mitigate this inevitable creativity slump:

Optimize your writing environment and rituals.

We all function differently in various environments. 

Some want to be in a busy environment, interacting with others, sipping on that caramel mocha coffee at your favorite coffee shop.

While others want to be in a more peaceful, quiet environment, alone with their thoughts and listening to tranquil music.

If you want to make writing just a smidge easier for you, here are five steps to finding your best writing groove:

Step 1 –– Find your writing frequency

You might write at a specific time of day. 

For me, it’s in the morning, and I typically like to commit to writing 500 – 2000 words every day.

Action: Choose a time that works for you (early bird, night owl, or even lunch break)!

Step 2 –– Choose your writing medium

How do you like to get your words down? Do you like to use a laptop, or are you more traditional using analog methods of writing (the mighty pen and paper)?

Everyone has their optimal method of writing.

Action: Keep your best method of writing close to you; you never know when your next idea might strike!

Bonus: keep a small notebook, or have your notes app easily accessible on your phone to jot down your next big idea. Make this a habit.

Step 3 –– Find the right person to share ideas with

You’ll need someone to share your unpolished ideas with. I don’t recommend going at it alone (see my previous article on going at it by yourself).

Action: find one person who you trust to brainstorm and plan your ideas with. Preferably an experienced, professional author like myself. I’m happy to help! 😉

Step 4 –– Keep the small things that bring you joy close by

I don’t know about you, but I write best with a nice lit candle next to me, especially the fall-scented ones. It signals peace and productivity, and the lovely glow and scent next to me just bring a smile to my face.

Action: think of all the small things that put you in your writing zone

Step 5 –– Create your writing environment

I like to write in silence. It helps me collect all my thoughts from the previous day. You might like to be around other people, or you might like a hybrid— such as a zoom call with a group of fellow committed writers to keep you accountable.

Action: Create the perfect writing environment that works for you!

Just like that, these 5 small tweaks can have a major impact on how you write. If this feels even a little bit overwhelming getting started, just stick with the first step. After doing that consistently for a week or two, you can add another step, and so on.

The goal is to make a writing ritual that works for you. Trying to do all this at once might not be the best way to become a consistent writer.

P.S. Your writing environment will eventually change. 

Where you like to write will certainly change.

Maybe you become a night owl. Or maybe you like tea instead of coffee. 

That’s okay, adapt to suit your needs that work for you.

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