Writing a story? Got stakes?

Here are 4 key 🔑 questions to ask yourself:

•What does your main character want?
•What OUTER obstacle is getting in the way?
•What INNER flaw is keeping them stuck?
•What will they lose if they don’t change?

If you’re as stressed reading that as I am typing it, good! Story is about problem solving.

Your character needs a problem to address, and something they stand to lose if they avoid solving that problem. Those are called stakes.

The higher the better!

That doesn’t mean life or death per se. “Instinctual” would be a better term. You know, protecting your home or family, or the need for food or procreation. That sort of thing.

Is the problem stressful enough? Are your stakes high?

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It’s a great story if I must say so myself. However, I am a bit biased 😉

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