Welcome Gabby Symone B. to Introvert Problems! Gabby is a leading millennial lifestyle architect in the Atlanta area. A motivational speaker, blogger and author, Gabby has leveraged her relationships after accomplishing years as a winning contestant in the Miss America Pageant system. Since penning her first book, Gabby’s Guide: Timely Advice from the Unlikely Expert, she has recently appeared as a guest on the Steve Harvey Show. Read on to discover why Gabby is committed to inspiring women.

Congratulations on the release of GABBY’S GUIDE: TIMELY ADVICE FROM THE UNLIKELY EXPERT! Describe your journey as an author.

Thank You! My journey to publication began with tons of research. I knew my audience, had studied my niche, and believed I had a piece of work that was timely and beneficial to my potential readers. Women enjoy talking about relationships, and my goal was to assist them in cultivating healthy ones. When I began working on my book, I created a timeline for myself and checked off tasks weekly. Then, I signed up for free classes that provided insight for new authors. After a year of writing my book and having test audiences read it, I moved forward in the self-publication process and promotion of my written work. I read tons of articles on the best sites to use for self -publishing as well as taught myself how to copyright, trademark, and foster my brand. At my very first event, I sold out of books. This amazed me!

 What inspired you to write this book? What problem do you hope to solve for your readers?book

As a competitor in the Miss America Pageant system, I promoted the platform of “Empowering Women Through Education.” As I traveled hosting seminars and programs, I met many ladies who struggled with self-esteem. This struggle negatively affected other areas of their lives. Poor self-esteem became a detriment to their goals, educational success and romantic relationships. I felt it was necessary to provide a book that provided self-help in this area.

I believe my life’s work is to reconcile relationships. My first goal is to reconcile one back to their faith. I believe this is the foundation for self-love. Self-love is the prerequisite for healthy relationships. I hope my book’s authenticity empowers women to love themselves and then be open to rewarding relationships.

What does your writing process look like?

My writing process is very sporadic. I must be inspired. And sometimes I don’t place sections in the intended order until I’m completely finished with the writing for the project. With my book, I didn’t have a title until I was ready to go to print because I had to read and reread the content. I chose GABBY’S GUIDE because I felt my advice would guide women toward a positive path to self-love. The unlikely expert part came about because I was a late bloomer to dating. I spent many years watching people’s relationships and learned a lot.

What has been your favorite book of the year?

I recently read OVERCOMING FEAR by Creflo Dollar. This book was so profound to me because it revealed how crippling fear can be to your destiny. We all have a destiny and purpose. We can’t allow our unnecessary fears to prevent us from pursuing our dreams. I’ve learned that ignoring our passion not only impacts our lives, but it also affects the destinies of those closest to us. There are people who need to see you accomplish your goals to spark their own fire as well.

What do you wish you’d known when you first started writing your book? What’s next for you?

I really enjoyed my journey to becoming a new author. When GABBY’S GUIDE was completed, I was in awe at what was birthed. There were many obstacles and hindrances, but something inside wouldn’t let me give up. I am glad I took my project one day at a time and remained resilient. My readers often share how the book, which has helped them grow and even assisted quite a few on finding love. One thing I wish I knew before starting was how to budget the project. It can become quite costly paying for editors, proof reading, photo shoots, advertisement, copy right, etc.

I recently created an online classroom where I teach an array of classes catering to spiritual, physical, and financial, achievement. Readers can gain access to my online classes via my Instagram (link below). I am excited about this project! I want to encourage my online to community to grow and learn together. My next goal for my book and brand is to take it from local to global. I have a book tour coming up soon, and my dream is to become a New York Times best seller.

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