“Design is invaluable to branding,” said Haylee Powers, an Emmy award winning designer located in Denver, Colorado. “Design takes an intangible emotion and strategy, and creates a tangible visual identity that communicates effectively to the client.” That is an understatement. The talented designer has experience in motion design, branding, brand strategy and advertising, and created the book trailer for The Blazing Star. “I love finding creative solutions to my clients’ problems,” she said. Read on to discover how Haylee alters brand perceptions through strategy, research and visual design.

 1. Thank you for joining us, Haylee! You’re not only a designer, but also an educator in your field. Tell us about your upcoming branding workshop.

My workshop has a D.I.Y. element to it. Branding a business is expensive, often costing anywhere from $10,0000-$50,0000. I wanted to empower women by giving them an opportunity to learn how to brand their own businesses. We will go through the workbook I have created and define your brand and visual design. The workshop comes with an hour consultation that the client can schedule at any time!

This workshop is also good for entrepreneurs because when they find their designer, they will have a clear mission. This will get the most out of the work they do with their designer. The workshop is 3 hours and aside from the educational value, includes wine, charcuterie, and cupcakes! The workshop is in Denver, CO on July 13th. You can find out more about it at www.badbitchbranding.com.

 2. What led you to brand design work?rsz_haylee-1

I always knew I loved art and visual design. I didn’t always know I loved branding, in fact like most people I really didn’t know what it was. Your brand is not a logo. Your brand is SO much more. I learned a lot about branding at University of Colorado Denver and realized I loved the challenge that came with designing a cohesive brand identity. Branding isn’t all about making something pretty, though we hope it ends up pretty. There is a lot of research and strategy that goes into the process. I liked mixing my artistic side with my intellectual side.

3. How would did you come up with your branding workshops and how you describe your design process?

I designed the branding workshops in the same format as my own personal branding process. I started with the brand concept, developed the brand’s mission as well as values, and finally created the brand story. This is also the process I incorporate when working with clients!  When working with clients, I remind them that knowing your audience is the most important thing you can do for your brand’s success. I work with the owner of the brand to create an audience persona, and after the persona is developed we look at the competitors.

I also use something called a brand matrix which helps define the competitors the brand is up against, and this also helps reveal gaps in the marketplace where the brand could potentially differentiate. I will then work with the client to create a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) the USP is the most important piece of the entire process.

Finally, the visual identity is formed from the USP and research. We work to define the brand’s tone words, mood board, color palette, iconography, photography and visual elements as well as logo design. From the research and visual identity guidelines, we can create motion design pieces, branding collateral like brochures, t-shirts, business cards, Facebook ads, etc. Whatever the client needs!chloe2

4. Where do you draw inspiration? How do you manage being a creative AND a business woman?

I get my inspiration from fine art, music and other designers on blogs! I keep my competitive edge by having a strong focus on the conceptual side of design. I research a lot of psychology, color theory and scientific studies on which to base my design and workshops.

Being Creative is the best business there is. I do not separate business and creativity. Good brands and good business are designed holistically! I started as a designer for CBS, but I do a wide range of design projects. I create book trailers, posters, props for movies, show opens, motion design, info graphics, print collateral, packaging and more!

5. How has your experience been as an independent contractor/freelancer?

I am learning how to become a full time freelance designer every day. So far, it has been a great adventure. I have the freedom to be artistic and create a great network of cool people.

Reach out to Haylee:

Haylee takes branding projects from anywhere in the world, so reach out if you would like to explore your branding options.

  • Educational Workshops: www.badbitchbranding.com
  • Design work: hayleepowers.com
  • Instagram: @Hayleepow