No one would have known that it was only her second pageant. No one would have known as she placed in the Top 5 of an array of beautiful and ambitious women from across Washington state. No one would have known as she was announced as the second runner up of the Miss Washington USA competition, a preliminary to the national Miss USA Pageant. Nope. Not the crowd. Certainly not the judges. No one would have known besides Domonique Price. 

Price, a law student from Seattle, has spent the greater portion of 2012 with her nose in the books and balancing a crown on her head. This week, the soon-to-be attorney tells “5 Questions” some of the best lessons she’s learned as a competitor.

1) What sparked your interest in pageants and how did you break into the industry?

A close friend of mine was Miss Black Virginia 2010.  Her reign allowed me to view pageantry in a different light. I could see that the majority of the titleholders were more then just that. I could see that they were community activists striving for excellence onstage and in their professional lives.

2) So we hear that you are in law school and you just competed for Miss Washington USA! Wow! How much longer do you have until graduation and how do manage a busy life with your pageant preparation?

Yes, I am currently finishing up my last year in law school and will graduate in May. It’s simple: when you want something bad enough, you make it happen. It was my goal this year to compete in another pageant, and it (Miss Washington USA) just so happened to fall right before my law school finials. I was able to handle it by managing my time down to the minute to guarantee that I was keeping up with my studies but also giving time to my pageant prep. 

3) What was the best piece of advice someone gave you?

“It’s ok to lose.” 

4)What advice do you have for any girls getting into pageantry?

I’m very competitive by nature, so not placing or winning can be an extreme blow. But, I’ve realized that as long as you give it 100% that’s all the matters. That would be my advice: always give it your all. 

5) What was your best Halloween costume and what will you be this year?

I’ve actually never dressed up for Halloween, and this year will be the first.  I plan to be a ballerina 🙂 

Quick Facts!

Name: Domonique Price
Hometown: Seattle, WA 
Education: B.A Virginia State University 2009,  Florida
Coastal School of Law J.D May 2014
Titles: Miss Black Washington USA 2012
Organizations: Sisters Against Lupus, Compassionate Families