Hi All!

I’m sure everyone is wondering how my efforts with the pageant went… and well, I won! I am your Miss Black Illinois USA 2012 and I will be competing in the Miss Black USA pageant next summer!  I feel so thankful for this opportunity… you can’t even imagine:-)

It’s a surreal experience, honestly. Most people think that because I’ve done pageants before that this win was no different from any other and completely easy. Well to that, all I can say is, no… not at all.

Firstly, I prepared for an entire year. That’s right, this completely insane dream of becoming Miss Black Illinois was in my head, on my mind, and whispered in my prayers for an entire year. Thus, hearing… “Our 2012 Miss Black Illinois is… Imani Josey…” was nothing short of an out of body experience. More on the way on my road to Nationals:-)