In 1918, Vi heads north, leaving behind all she’s ever known—her well-to-do family, the Alabama sun on her skin, the cotton fields where her father is the sole colored planter in the county. Looking for a fresh start, she takes up work in her uncle’s chili parlor in Black Bottom, Detroit. It’s the perfect distraction from the memories the Great War left for her.
But while focusing on the bustle of city life, she never expects to see the boy she loved again—that is, until the night he walks through her front door.
Short Story
Hidden Youth Anthology
Crossed Genres (2016)



High school junior, Robyn, would rather go over Niagara Falls in a barrel than compete in the Miss Teen City on the Lake Pageant. Her older sisters tried and failed, and with a less-than-enthused mother and an aunt who’s the show’s biggest cheerleader, Robyn prefers to stay on the outskirts of the spectacle than take center stage. But when a particularly humid summer sways Robyn to ditch her straightened locks to go au natural, unexpected blowback from her decision convinces her to shake things up. For Robyn, it’s time to win that damn pageant in all her coiled glory.
Short Story
Literary Journal
YARN-Young Adult Review Net (2017)



Straight-laced student Grace always sees eye-to-eye with her grandmother, unless it involves the teen’s wayward boyfriend. With high school graduation looming and new choices on the horizon, Grace must weigh her options: follow the path set for her, or choose the adventure and unknown of young love. Will Grace choose her heart or heed the caution of her elders?
One Act Play
Chicago Cultural Center
Pegasus Players Theatre Chicago (2005)

“This year’s winners, chosen from more than 600 submissions, are “Shattered Reflections” by Karina Hurtado, “Waking Up” by Nikhar Ahmed, “Grace” by Imani Josey and “Bowdlerism” by Jose Requena.”


“Written by Karina Hurtado (Schurz High School), Nikhar Ahmed (Northside College Preparatory School), Imani Josey and Jose Requena (Whitney Young Magnet High School), 2005’s dramas depict, respectively, the struggle to overcome a rape and pursue a college career (“Shattered Reflections”), a teenage girl’s struggle with leukemia (“Waking Up”), the choice between writing poetry and pursuing love (“Grace”) and the competing voices that can confuse a novice writer (“Bowdlerism”).”


“The four one-acts in Pegasus Players’ 19th annual festival seem subtler and more sophisticated–less tin-eared and less prone to ham-fisted didacticism–than the scripts of festivals past. Imani Josey in Grace never gets preachy as she tells the story of a young woman who learns the dangers of swimming with the sharks. And Nikhar Ahmed in Waking Up never resorts to melodrama or hysteria while showing a young woman coping with leukemia.”