A Farewell To Obama

You Will Always Be Our President

Saturday, January 7, 2017

3:15 AM


The sound of hope awakened me.

Though exhausted, eyes completely hazed, and body in dire need for more robamalineest I knew that every second longer I remained in bed that I would only be prolonging my chances.

Thirty minutes later, my friend Raven pulls up to my house. With three layers of shirts, pants, sweaters, and socks protecting every inch of skin from the four degree temperatures and below zero wind chills, I was a stuffed potato. This was happening was only because we both set a sure-fire plan on arriving at McCormick Place on King Drive to obtain tickets to hear the final speech from President Obama on the 10th.  With this being a “first come, first serve, free tickets distribution at 8 AM” event, we knew the entire city had plans to attend this Farewell Address like us.

It started as a rampage with thousands of patrons already lined up by 5:15 AM (though the official White House website said line ups couldn’t begin until 6 AM) then suddenly everyone began running to the door as if Barack himself was there. We were all trying to get closer to the door to stay warm yet many thought it was a race for tickets dropping personal items like headphones and chargers. It was insane but after waiting indoors for over four hours, we managed to obtain what we thought to be the ‘golden ticket.’

This #ObamaFarewell I knew would be well worth it! Tuesday came, we eagerly prepared all day for the once in a lifetime celebration. After standing in line for over three hours like heavy traffic, we made it in. The ambiance was heroic, all of us of all shades filled the entire venue just to say goodbye to probably the best president in history since JFK.

It was bittersweet, there were ants in my pants anticipating yet another introspective speech however, this was his final one. To know that I was sharing the same air and space as our 44th president was thrilling but it was also the moment I had to finally accept the fact that it was time for him to transition. Then he spoke…

The room filled with chants, applause, and screams as this smooth operator graced the stage. Initially he spoke of change, the same change that positively influenced us to elect him as the first African American president in 2008. He owned that stage in usual Obama fashion oozing such optimism and progression. He mentioned Jim Crow, the issues with our economy, and the need for internal alteration.

obamatwitterHe emphasized how we can create change, we all in control of change.

Us as humans.

Us as American citizens.

We are responsible of such change.

The revolution must happen within first, according to Jermaine Cole.

Our president was always an impeccable orator so his words sunk deep and the memories flashed like lightning in my brain as snapshots. For the last eight years, Barack Obama has reduced several jail sentences, provided affordable healthcare to millions, allowed love to marry whoever it places, and that’s just a few accolades. One key message that I recall that motivates me every day came from an interview he did with the Humans of New York: there’s always work to be done, focus on that.

After eight years, we’ve had a man, a man proud in his blackness, start the cycle of reformation. From repairing what occurred during the Bush era, we had a noble man who opened his arms to everyone. So many individuals visited the White House because of him. We had a prestigious and selfless man that not only inspired transformations but he was backed by a family who mirrored his same strengths. A family of grace, intellect, passion, and complete magic. Then he spoke of Michelle and everything became poetic…

He spoke her name

First, middle, and last

with roots attached.

Heart stood in total awe, 

she was clearly looking like a treat

because all eyes were on the queen.

Such wit

Such beauty

Such grit

Such class

Her presence alone was as fulfilling as 

a full plate. 

His eyes said yum.

She took a role she didn’t ask for,

made it her own

and played it extremely well.

Gave him all he needed 

and then some.

The infatuation was undeniable,

it ran right through him and I

couldn’t help but cry too.

A love

so enduring

so compassionate

so empowering

so mesmerizing 

that it was almost a dream 

to witness.

Black Love.

Barack + Michelle.


Thank you, for everything.