You probably learned to ride a bicycle when you were young. It was great. You breezed through summer afternoons on your bike, with friends or alone, and didn’t have a care in the world.

Now you’re an adult, and you don’t have time for bicycle. How would you even fit it into your hectic schedule?
The answer is that there are plenty of ways to keep biking when you’re no longer a tyke. You can use your hard won cycling skills to keep yourself in shape, commute, or just add a new leisure activity to your repertoire.
Not only can cycling get you from place to place, but it can also introduce you to an entire community of cyclists. AND it’ll get you in shape as you do it. This is a free form of exercise if you commute: you’re already obligated to travel to work, so why don’t you get some cardio in along the way?
There are so many benefits to biking that it would be hard to list all of them. So here is a list of the top benefits of this ultimate cardio sport.
1) Great cardio! 
Just biking a couple of times a week will improve your cardiovascular endurance and fitness. And it keeps your metabolism working for you long after you’ve stopped pedaling. 

2) Tone and build muscles
Specifically, cycling targets your thighs, calves, and buttocks. A smaller waistline is also an added bonus.
3) Not a high impact sport

Cycling strengthens joints while not exposing them to jolting steps from pavement or treadmill running.

4) See more!
In the end you’ll go longer distances and get to explore more than running or walking allows. This adds to the fun of cycling, too.

5) It’s Easy
On your body’s physical and mental health, on your time, on your wallet, and to incorporate into your daily schedule! So easy in fact that cycling is an activity that you can take with you for life.