Scottie Waves is a standout, and his dark, edgy style captivates his 18,000+ social media followers. They’re drawn to the Mobile, AL resident’s rich storytelling, much of which has manifested into four books of poetry. Scottie credits this connection with his followers to his work’s authenticity and honesty. This week the poet, author, and overall creative gives us insight into his most abstract thoughts.
5cbde83d-c4cb-4a43-aad1-8f5fb0b4d6d21. Scottie Waves is a unique name. Where does it come from?
Scottie Waves is a character I wrote when I was younger. Looking back, though, it was my consciousness. The character was another form of me. I chose the name because the character is me.
2. What’s the message behind each book?
The first one, Abstract Poetry, is a poetry book about my ex. I wrote about how I was feeling when we broke up. The second one, Words from A Sinner: The Diary of Scottie Waves, I was understanding my depression. There are more short stories in it than in the first book.
The third one, Shredded Thoughts: Dirty Thoughts from A Stranger, I was realizing how basically turn depression into creativity. It’s filled with quotes, short stories, and poems. The fourth one, 1:11 AM, is more of an interactive book. It has a journal-like set up. I’m always up at night, so it’s for my supporters when they can’t sleep. It asks them questions like, “What are your goals?” They can write the answers in the book.
bad4804e-a56b-4f10-9da3-b3c00a3c2dbb3. What inspires your writing?
Life itself is my inspiration. After I was raped at six years-old, I tried telling someone, but no one believed me. I stayed silent for two years, but wrote.
4. What advice do you have for young writers?
Don’t force it. Let the writing come to you. I don’t have writer’s block; I write when I need to. People try too much these days and they do it for the wrong things. Everybody is a “writer.” I like to paint, but I can’t call myself a painter. But I am a writer because it was what I was born into, born to do.
5. What can you tell us about your next book?
It’s not going to be a poetry book. There will be two legit novels. The first is an autobiography of me; the nitty gritty of me. The other one will tell the story of young girl, a senior in high school, whose fearful of growing up because she doesn’t know what to do with her life. She’s also living with a condition and sometimes blackouts. She meets a rebel guy who finds out about her condition, and they both have this on again, off again relationship.

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