It’s no secret that workouts can be taxing on the body. For that reason, fitness professionals and nutritionists suggest consuming energizing foods before and restorative meals after your routine. Why? Well, when you don’t eat before working out, you may experience slowed metabolism and reduced stamina. If you don’t eat properly after your workout, your body won’t immediately find the restorative nutrients it’s craving. So what should you eat during during these times? Below find some suggestions to fuel up or cool down for your for the best sweat session.

1) Before: Wheat Toast + Peanut Butter + Bananas
Wheat bread is super easy to digest. Bananas are perfect for higher potassium levels which make you sweat more and provide excellent energy. Choose a peanut butter that’s all natural with no high fructose corn syrup.
2)      Before: Fruit + Greek Yogurt + Granola Smoothies
Easy, efficient to make, especially for on the go. Fruits provide a quick energy boost. Greek yogurt is light on the stomach and nuts helps keep your insulin levels from dropping too low, but only a few is enough to consume. 10-20 grams of protein is just the right amount so check any milk-based protein smoothies that you may happen to buy.
3)      Before: Oatmeal + Eggs
Egg whites help provide enough energy to sustain focus and strength during exercise with its perfect protein proportion. Hard boiled eggs too! Oatmeal sticks well, so it provides long-lasting energy.
4)      After: Grilled Chicken + Mixed Veggies
The lean meat provides protein and carbohydrates without feeling overindulged or bloated. Vegetables are super healthy packed with Vitamins like A, D, and K.
5)      After: Salmon + Sweet Potatoes
Salmon is another lean meat that carries protein which aids in joint support and also regulates insulin levels. Sweet Potatoes helps build strong muscles too. The carbohydrates help replenish the muscles glycogen.
6)      After: Tuna + Spinach + Hummus Sandwich
Spinach is a powerful green vegetable that lowers blood pressure and curbs appetite. Tuna doesn’t contain many calories but has tons of proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. Hummus is a delicious spread that’s high in fiber, the perfect substitute for mayo.


In order to maintain a stellar body, it’s vital to make sure that all the muscle building, weight losing, and body strengthening exercises you’re doing daily is also accompanied by eating the right foods. Timing is key too so it’s best to eat 45 minutes to an hour before you work out and even longer after heavy meals. Drink plenty of water also because hydration is important!
What are some of your favorite workout meals? Leave a comment below!
Contributor: Jasmine Watson
Twitter: @jayybelle