Your mind is made up. Today is the day you’re going to hit the gym, and you’re actually pumped up about it. When you get there, you jump on the treadmill to kick start your warm-up. But five minutes into it you realize something unexpected: you’re… bored. This sends your mind into a panic. But I’m already at the gym, you think. If I leave now, I may never work out again!
Don’t fear. Your boredom may have nothing to do with the gym, but your workout. When your “get my body right” routine becomes “get my body out of here”, fight it with a few simple tricks to help you overcome gym ennui.
1) Switch up your goal
If you’ve been working out to lose weight, try shifting your focus to building muscle, increasing endurance, or toning up.
2) Time your workout with TV
While you’re exercising, use the TV’s at the gym (or YouTube it on your phone) and watch a show or movie– even if it’s John Tucker Must Die, no one is going to judge you. Having a program help you maintain your workout time (particularly on the treadmill) is a great way to ensure you do just the right amount of exercise (and don’t quit too early). Remember, you’re exercising, and that’s more than most people can say anyway!
3) Mix up your music
Don’t let your playlists get stale! Mix up what you’re listening to every other week or so or try finding remixes to some of your favorite tunes.
4) Change-up your equipment
Always on the elliptical to get your cardio in? Jump on the treadmill or the stationary bicycle. Bicycling can actually burn up to twice the amount of calories than running alone! It works more of your body and you can go longer distances in a shorter amount of time.
5) Enjoy the Great Outdoors
With all of that being said, get outside! Just seeing the scenery and distance you’re going instead of seeing it tracked by a machine will boost your attention span and confidence.

Contributor: McKenna Heintz