Second only to oxygen, water is the most essential element for human survival. When you’re not drinking enough water your body slows its metabolism to compensate for this lack of liquid and causes your veins to shrink. 

Not that having small veins is the uncool thing nowadays, but having nice plump veins allows for better oxygen flow, reduced risk for heart attacks, and just an overall healthy circulatory system (necessary for those color runs). It’s hard enough to drink water throughout the year without the summer season just ahead of us. 

Physical exertion and hotter temperatures are going to increase the body’s need for water. Staying hydrated during some of the hottest months of the year isn’t going to be as hard as you think.
Read on for a few tips to keep up on your H20 intake this summer.
1) Morning water 
Since your body hasn’t consumed anything for the past 7-8 hours, drink a glass or two of water shortly after waking up to start the day off strong!

2) Water Bottle Baby
Just as you wouldn’t leave a newborn child alone, bring a water bottle with you EVERYWHERE so whenever you see it or feel a little thirsty, you’ll have it.

3) Foods of Fluid
Eat foods, like oranges and watermelon, that have a high liquid content – they’re cheaper in the summer too!

4) Flavor
Add a little variety to your water with low-sugar flavoring packets or even fresh fruits and vegetables like berries, lemon, or cucumber.

5) Visual Motivation
Go buy a really schnazzy, good-looking water bottle that’ll make you want to use it. 

Contributor: McKenna Heintz 
Twitter: @Mk_nna
IG: @Mk_nna