Hello All!

I can’t believe that January 2012 is coming to a close! When it comes to those pesky resolutions, I can’t say that I really feel too bad about any of them. Why? Well, this is because I can’t say that I broke any of my resolutions… and I purposely didn’t set any!! Now you might wonder why someone as neurotic goal-oriented as myself would want to refrain from making resolutions. The answer is simple: I didn’t set any because under no circumstances will I ever give up soft baked chocolate chip cookies  I really just want(ed) to keep the momentum from 2011 going. Thus, my resolution was to… drum roll please… keep doing what I was/am doing.

I went to the Miss Black USA Annual Red Dress Photo Shoot in Washington, D.C. over the MLK weekend and had a blast with my fellow sister queens. Here are some of the photos! Enjoy!