My philosopher father and I at my very first pageant.

Courage is not the absence of fear.

I was speaking to my father this morning… which considering I am Baby Bear to his Papa Bear, is not unusual for us… and I let him know about an uneasy feeling I had woken up with. The way the slings and arrows of fortune are playing out currently, I have been forced to essentially look at my convictions and a a long-term goal and being forced to pick.

Le sigh. Who wants to do that?

So my father, being the Aquarian philosopher that he is, reminded me that the feeling that I’m encountering is not just a matter of discomfort, but is really a matter of a courage. “Your name means Faith Purpose, and that means holding onto your faith when you’re uneasy and unsure of the outcome. It means having faith even when you’re frightened, because your courage and convictions don’t indicate the absence of fear. It’s what you do despite it.”

And this is when I summarily suggested that he apply for a speechwriter gig for President Obama:-)